November 27, 2010

Too much to do

Hey guys,
sorry for letting you down for nearly a month now, but studying is pretty time-consuming...
I have to admit that I didn't even have time to read a fashion magazine... I am just too busy for it.
Wearing my fluffy fake-fur vest today, I am sitting at a school's conference about creative writing.
It's interesting but after my delicious lunch and six teas, I am a bit tired. But - who cares?
Now, I am supposed to write a story about a tragical event this year on Duisburg's love parade, Germany...
So, hopefully I get some great ideas.

November 4, 2010

♥ these unique dresses. What about you?

Mrs. grandma cuts a brilliant figure in this draped yellow dress.
P.S.: These shoes are really made for walking.

Check out the full collection at on November 4, available in stores and online in selected markets on November 23, except for the US and Canada where it will launch on November 20.
For availability, please check with your H&M or Customer Service.

Dresses: 110-150 €
Accessoires: 30-70€
T-Shirts/Skirts: ~ 35€

© H&M, AFP

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