April 22, 2010

Drinkable design

Yesterday I accidentally came across a limited Coca Cola light edition with.... [I'll be damned].... Karl Lagerfeld. I was just like "Blow me down!" and couldn't believe what Lagerfeld has to do with Coke? Admittedly, Lagerfeld is really addicted to Cola light. I mean, he diets with it after he lost about 80 pounds. But, is it worthy that Coke pays homage to Lagerfeld just because he's campainging for it at almost every fashion show??
Declaredly, it looks pretty cool & resembles Lagerfeld very well.

And as if this wouldn't have been enough, I tripped over another very stylish Coke campaign: It's Roberto Cavallo designing a new front look, which I quite like. Although I do not like Cola at all, I have to admit that with Cavallo's campaign I take a fancy for it. Price of the bottles: unheard-of.

At least Lagerfelds Coke is buyable from April 24, 2010 at Collettes in Paris. Lovely...

April 14, 2010

H&M's Garden Collection

While shopping at Primark, I came across H&M's new Garden Collection and I just love it. I immediately fell in love with the khaki bikerjacket (pursuant to H&M it's the new black!!) and - bought it. Besides, I purchased this little gold pocket with a catenarian handle. So sweet.

As I get it, H&M tries to focus more on organic cotton and environmentally friendly cloth, which I consider to be very exemplary. The brand's new collection is inspired by blossoming gardens & colourful prints. I'm really keen on wearing it as it directly puts me in a good mood.

Finally, it's a good feeling to overspend on cloth - I mean, you don't pour your money down the drain, do you? Instead you spare your purse and the environment. These articles of clothing wont be my last ones. <3

April 12, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head.

If only...

Guido Westerwelle, the German Secretary of State, knows how to dress, especially on rainy April days. Weather was just as expected when the foreign secretaries foregathered at the G8 summit in Ottawa. Rainy, chilly showers made them shiver other than Westerwelle. He braved the weather with his stylish cagoule. Type: "Le parapluie" by Kanuk. The feathery anorak convinces with an ageless navy-blue and protects his bearer from rain as much as from immoderate insolation. If it is high-wind, stitching and hood provide cover.

Moreover, an adequate appearance was granted via the embroidered G8-logo, an extra at the front costing 40 Canadian Dollar. Attend the fact, that this had to be authorized by the Canadian governance. This raises the question if they really do not have other fish to fry. I mean, that's just peanuts. But hey, why concentrating on international negotiations when you're on a stylish mission.

If only Westerwelle's English would be as appropriate as his modish intuition.

April 8, 2010

A real vision or a virtual disaster?

Finding the right hairstyle isn't easy at all. But once the hair got cut it isn't simple to pretty them due to their breviety. You may think, it's easier to fudge them when they're shorter. As if! I was going nuts every now and then when I glanced at the hairy catastrophe on my head.
After my hair was totally jejunfe because of my soft spot for blonde streaks, my hair recovered from my coloration-excess. They were dyed brownish and my hair mousse awarded them with curls. But after like two months of wearing this look, I was so hacked off and decided to abort my matutinal styling-trials using enough and to spare mousse. I had the dim feeling that these tons of mousse wouldn't really help my hair to rejuvenate.
So, it was high time to do something about it
No surprize, that I immediately started to contact my hairdresser [which is probably tree weeks ago] and we decided on a counseling interview in her salon the next week. Because of her lack of time, we briefly reviewed my hairy situation and she fixed a day in her buisy schedule for tommorow!!
I'm truly simmering with excitement to get my hair dressed tomorrow morning. I am clear about dyeing them brown again since my last coloration is washed out for too long. But what to do with the rest of my hairstyle?
At the moment, they are shoulder-length and slightly layered on the left side of my hair. It's sort of weird that they are just partly layered, I thought when I looked at myself in the mirror. But my hairdresser told me this has something to do with my side parting. Who cares about my side parting, either they are fully layered or not at all. But it's just the coiffeur's logic.
So, I hope that tomorrow my brittle hair will be displaced by shiny, auburn hair.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

April 6, 2010

Drop-dead gorgeous!


Just came across the new spring collection by Donatella which attracts my attention. The fluorescent colours and flowing drapery are just so beautiful, so visionary. Have a look:

                                        Charming like a mermaid

                                        Absolutely captivating

                                           Image of a strong woman

                                          Fascinating like a peachick

The dresses reveal a mix of simplicity and glamour. Little silvery chains fit perfectly with the wavy cloth. The luscious colours and the sparkling Swarovski diamonds immediately caught my eyes.

They're so drop-dead gorgeous!

Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour.

Finally, spring is coming into town and I cannot wait anymore enjoying it to the full. I mean, who doesn't love going for a blow?? I'm a real outdoorsy who tries to capture as many springtime impressions as I can get.  

                                               A foretaste of summer. 
A.m., you get awakened by twittering birds feeling that something magic is in the air although there are still chilly winds booming through the efflorescent treetops. So, rising with the sun isn't as hard like it was in winter. The prospect of relishing a wonderful sunny day eclipses the reluctance to get up. 
But springtime is not as harmless as it seems. At the latest, when you steal a glance at your closet realizing that leastwise half of your dresses do not fit like a glove anymore. But, don't sweat it. I mean, there is still much time to get rid of a few pounds, isn't it? Hence, it is not astonishing that the gyms burst at the seams, full with people working out to lose their love handels. So am I, but just with the intention to get fitter after the A-levels. Learning definitively made me sluggardly. Here I come, ready to get into condition!
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