January 27, 2011

Trendspotting: Broad Stripes

H&M: Waste Kollektion
H+M Waste Collection

© Acne Prefall 2011

© Dansk Magazine Summer 2011

© Prada Spring 2011

So, this is Haute Couture?

On Monday, designer Karl Lagerfeld presented his Haute Couture collection. But it didn't really look like Haute Couture. Here some photos: 

Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011

Jeans combined with Tweed-Blazer and Ballerinas? Very usual. But: the devil is in the details. Lagerfeld used "more than 10 million pearls, crystals and sequins".

Lagerfeld explained: "Workaday life doesn't need opulence. My collection catches the spirit of young women but it is still haute couture. Today, everybody wears jeans. So, I had to adapt my designs."

Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011

But what about models wearing flat shoes?

"I was fed up seeing the models walking like the Eiffel Tower on this 15 cm to 20 cm chopines. They really look disabled"

January 24, 2011

I ♥ my boyfriend [cut]

© Madewell Jeans
© Bluefly

Last summer, I was desperately in search of the perfect boyfriend jeans. But I went away empty-handed. Poor me. But I won't give up, so after sale I pursue my boyfriend jeans. They look so sporty combined with a simple shirt. Or even classy with high heels and a blazer. The perfect it-piece for every occasion.
How do you like the look?

© Anton Corbijn for G-Star

January 22, 2011

Kaviar Gauche at Berlin Fashion Week

The eyecatcher of Berlin Fashion Week 2011 and one of my favorites is Kaviar Gauche. With bright colors, lace and a whiff of 70's Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl designed a very classy collection. I like.

By the way: Does anyone know the song?? I really like it, too.

January 20, 2011

AF Vandevorst Show Berlin

© lesmads.de

What is wrong with these pictures? Tip: Look at the hair-do.

Maybe you've already noticed that the hairstylist of AF Vandevorst really wanted to make something different with the hairdo at Berlin Fashion Week 2011. But it stands to reason that he did that as AF Vandevorst's Friends collection opened the runway show. Since January 19th, more than 25 fashion designers present their fall/winter collection 2011.Until Saturday, shows will be running non stop.

© MERCEDES BENZ Berlin Fashion Week/Getty Images

This time the Belgian husband-wife team Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst set the trend with earthy brown and shiny red nuances. In Fall/Winter 2011 we'll see how far this trend will be realized.

January 17, 2011


Today we broke the record of 15.000 visitors.
Thank you guys =D
Hope you'll keep visiting
labellefleurie in future.

Hot or not?

This is a part of the new H&M's spring collection. What do you think - hot or not?

© H&M


January 16, 2011

Fashion Cupcakes - more than tasty ♥

© HighSnobiety
Yummy! That looks delicious!

This is what thefrisky.com said about them:
"Fashion is addictive, and oftentimes insatiable. For those who need to satisfy their hunger, there are these fashion-inspired cupcakes created by photographer Therese Aldgard and food stylist Lisa Edsalv. Working with colors and themes from high-end designers, the team created sweets to suit the brands: Chanel features black frosting and white pearl adornments, Louis Vuitton is chocolate frosting with red roses, and Louboutin, is an appropriate red cake to mirror the soles of the shoes. Our favorite is naturally the Agent Provocateur-style, with vanilla frosting adorned with a pink tip to resemble nipples. You may not be able to find these treats for purchase, but looking at them is enough eye candy." [© thefrisky.com]

Do you want a taste?

New Lookbook by Opening Ceremony

011211 terry10 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry05 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry19 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson
011211 terry15 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry27 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry25 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson
011211 terry12 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry24 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson011211 terry06 150x150 Opening Ceremony Spring Lookbook By Terry Richardson

January 13, 2011

Art meets Fashion


January 12, 2011

Spirit Hoods # The random novelty accessory

© SpiritHoods.com
"Whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors, or are simply wild at heart – SpiritHoods are a NECESSITY for your life style." [SpiritHoods]
© SpiritHoods.com

Do you remember the post on Monday about hats as a must-have this season? Well, while surfing
on the internet I found an extraordinary website called Spirit Hoods. And their designs are awesome. The manufacture created a "unique line of animal inspired faux fur accesories for men, women, and children."

© SpiritHoods
With its designs, Spirit Hoods protects animals and our planet by donating a portion of the online proceeds to severeal non-profit organisations dedicated to wildlife conservation. [Product Blue]

© SpiritHoods

The hoods cost $60-$130. But they are handmade with the best quality faux fur.

   © SpiritHoods

Whichever animal hood you decide to purchase, a part of your money will be donated  to a NGO helping that specific animal - whether it be Wolfhollowipswich, PandasInternational or snowleopardconservancy.

© Icedborscht.com

Which animal hood do you like best?? Please comment.


January 10, 2011

How-to Fashion Sketch by Threadbangers

"Don't think you can draw? Fooey! Give it a try! "

"You can leave your hat on*

# Who'd a thunk it? Hats are the must-have this season!! Chapeau.

Since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore their Mickey Mouse Ears and Rabbit Ears at the Opening Ceremony Tokyo flagship store in August 2009, the lust for headdresses relumed.
And not only the Parisian hatter Maison Michel experienced a comeback:

 © Junko Komura/Getty Images
The looks fit like a glove: A red carpet event, little black dresses, Prada high-heels and big sunglasses. On top of that two extravagant headgears designed by Maison Michel out of filament and black lace. The eye-catchers of the evening.

Like always, a few freaky, offbeat fashionistas are needed to create a trend. And this one fortunately extends into Spring 2011. Since Fall/Winter 2010/11, many brands designed some creative hat-trends. I had bought myself a grey one last season, but to be honest, I haven't worn the hat yet.

The reason might be that the trend didn't arrived on the streets yet 'cause people are afraid to have a go at wearing hats in everyday-life. Me too?? The only thing I know: The designers did a great job. And I have to take my hat off to them.

London Fashion Week Street Styles 2011:
© Jason Jean

© Jason Jean

© Jason Jean

For those of you, who like to be creative: The tutorial: "How to Crochet a Hat"

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