September 28, 2010

I ♥ my fur vest

Finally, weather has changed, it's getting colder everyday which is why I am so happy to free my fur vest. Due to my moving, my winter clothes were stored in many many packing cases - and, of course, my fur vest too. I purchased it last season's summer sale (until today I don't know why they sold fur vests in summer but I didn't care & just bought it). And - lucky me - they're soooo fashionable this season again. I love it, it's just so fleecy and cuddly and I am so happy to have it :D
The best thing: It keeps me warm and is still so in vogue.

PS: Of course, I only wear fake fur! I wouldn't hurt a fly for fashion!

Home sweet home.

Today is my third day here in Cologne & I've been freezing all day as our heating is shut down. I hope I won't come down with a cold.
Moreover, we don't own a mobile broadband dongle yet which is why I am sitting next to the DSL-router in our corridor - on the cold laminate. It cannott get much worse.

But what I actually wanted to post:
I am chosen to be a VIP-guest at the exclusive Levi's Curve ID Styling Event on October 7, 2010 here in Cologne. I'm so excited. My roommate is hopefully coming with me.
Special about this event is that our jeans size will be figured out through a special measurement done by Levi's experts & we can buy these perfectly fitting Levi's Curve ID jeans particulary favorable (-20%).
Furthermore, MakeUp Artists are invited and there will be a Live DJ. This is going to be a really glamourous night in the Levi's store in Cologne. Isn't it great?

I've already written a post on the Levi's Curve ID methode, so please check out my older posts to get more information on that topic.

I will surely report on that fantastic night.

Have a nice week. ♥

September 23, 2010

I'm going to Miami - Welcome to Miami.

Okay, to tell the truth, I'm not. But when I first thought about a post title which characterizes my concern best, Will Smith's song immediately crossed my mind. Unearthing the truth I will (just) remove to Cologne (and not Miami). Alas! But what I actually wanted to say was that I think this will be the last post before weekend. I try to write as soon as possible but with my move I have a great deal to do. So be lenient toward me. Maybe, I'll post some pictures of my new appartment when I'm done but it may be that I cannot keep my promise.

September 21, 2010

Wanted: Pussy Bow Blouse

This year was the first time I came across pussy bow blouses. And I admit: I totally fell in love with them.They are so cute and maiden but at the same time very feminine and sexy. The chic bow replaces any foulard or shawl and makes the outfit perfect. It's an absolute it-piece, at least for me.
I am searching for a chic pussy bow blouse for a while now but without success. Have you any idea where to buy them?

We ♥ Cargo Pants.

Today's post is about skinny cargo pants - in olive-green. They are a great alternative to jeans. I'll wager that these will be your next favourite pants as they are comfortable, sexy, practical and indestructible.
Even in combination with classy clothes. This is why I had to buy myself one in navy-green. A while ago, it was seasonal sale, I found my personal cargo pants by Zara. Fortunately, the price was reduced (only 4.99€). Lucky me!

Eva Longoria Parker in "J-Brand"
Houlihan Cargo Pants

Leighton Meester in "Rich & Skinny"

The British Model Poppy Delevigne at the fashion party in London

September 18, 2010

More than words.

When I threw a glance at the cover of the German Cosmopolitan issue for October 2010 I thought that Heidi Klum is getting on a bit more and more. In fact, Photoshop did a good job. No wrinkles, smooth skin and a beautiful smile. She is a real expert in playing to the gallery.
All the more astonishing, how naturally she acts in her shooting themed "Without Words". Cosmo wanted her to answer the asked questions just by using gestures and her facial expression. And as I am sold on these pictures I just couldn't deprive them of you. Cosmos' questions first, then Heidi's answers.


What do you take with you on journeys to be reminded of home?

Do you prefer going to the mountains or the sea for a rest?

What does a typical Hollywood-greeting look like?

Burger or bratwurst?

You want to see more? Then click underneath.

September 17, 2010

Street fashion photographing

Nylon Street View

As I published my first article about streetstyles - and maybe you acquire a taste for it now - I thought you should also know about the new "Nylon Street View". Nearly a week now this illustrated book is comercially available in which the Nylon magazine presents street styles from NY to Tokio.

Click "read more" to read the whole post.

Streetstyles: Stockings

Today, I wanna introduce a new weekly topic. On a weekly basis, I gonna update you with upcoming fashion trends based on street styles.

So, the first streetstyle I want to introduce: knee high & tigh high socks.

I got inspired by the monthly "Glamour" issue for Oktober 2010. And as I am more and more a fan of thights and stockings, I had to report about the new knee high socks. To be honest, I haven't worn them yet. This is due to the fact that I haven't bought any. But I think, today or or at least next week they're mine.

How to style them:

So, when you have the heart to wear knee high or tigh high socks - which is, in my book, very daring but otherwise pretty - there are many things you should pay attention to.

  • The socks have to suit your body, so pick the length wisely! Tip: Keep your hands of from tigh high socks if you got big thighs - they draw to much attention to your problem area!
  • Otherwise try both styles to see which is more figure-hugging and suits best.  
  • Keep in mind: Knee socks that finish below the knee accent your bone structure more and guarantee a slimmer look. Ones that end higher could cause a "bulge" over your knee, which doesn't look good at all.
  • If you're are small (but fine), then please make sure you're wearing knee high socks which  cut off below the knee and have a short hemline as it guarantees more "legroom" and a greater heigth for you.
  • Avoid pairing them with tartan or plaid skits. Otherwise you would cause a school girl overtone, which is nearly a faux-pas.
  • Layering knee high with tigh high socks can create a very sensational look, so don't be afraid trying that out. 
  • Last but not least: These socks can also work as a key piece of your outfit, if you're courageous enough to play with colours and drapery. If it's could outside, knitted stockings are a good alternative.
Now that you have your styling tips, here are some examples how theory can be put into practice.

Click "read more" to read the whole article.

September 10, 2010

Who'd a thunk it? - Newcomer at NYFW

Although his fashion show is on September 13, I want to report on William Tempest by now. I guess, you've never heard of him, but that's a gap, which I want to close now. The homonymous fashion brand is based in London, Great Britain and represents luxury and modernism at the same time.


At the age of 16 he left school to conquer the world of fashion. He matriculated for 2 years and studied fashion design in his home town Cheshire. As a comer he soon raised his good reputation and got a university place at the  London College of Fashion. The British fashion designer Giles Deacon then became kind of his mentor and Tempest started to design for Diesel in 2007. As he got the offer to create the ready-to-wear collection of Jean Charles de Castelbajac, William moved to Paris where he designed some stage outfits for Madonna as well.
In January 2008, he moved back to London to launch his first own fashion brand. One year later, he won the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award which paved the way to the fashion week.

"Recently William Tempest has collaborated with the supermodels Kate Moss and Erin O’Connor; launched a new fashion exhibition at Kensington Palace in London alongside Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Jones; and been featured in international press including Vogue, Harper’s Baazar, Tatler and Elle magazines."


Tempest's style is pretty elegant, strict and shapely. Coined by modernity and innovation, the brand follows a clear architectural concept and morphology. The brand's aesthetics is very theatric and vital. It's characteristic features are composed by sculptural lines and distinctive draperies which give the creations a dramatical touch.

Where can I buy it?

William Tempest is stocked globally in high profile stores including Harrods in London; Boutique 1 throughout the middle-east; Al Othman in Kuwait, Outfit at The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel in the US, and Grey Flannel on the Island of Capri in Italy.

Some impressions from Nicholas K's runway show

The design duo of Nicholas K is definitively my fav on the first day of NY fashion week.
I really like the style which is very urban, modern and has a downtown edge. 
Nicholas worked as a full-time consultant for Calvin Klein (CK women’s outerwear collection and US and European Jeans). His sibling Christopher already worked for Polo Ralph Lauren.

So, here are some impressions of their show.

September 9, 2010

Richard Chai Spring/Summer 2011

© Getty Images
 "Through his experiences at some of the world's most influential fashion houses, Chai developed a keen eye for detail, a reverence for architectural design elements, and a strong belief in the importance and value of the construction of clothes. After two years at Tse, Richard Chai established his own company in 2004.

During New York Fashion Week in September 2004, Chai launched his Spring 2005 women's wear collection in a formal runway presentation. His well-received debut was a study in understated, yet sophisticated elegance and established his aesthetic sensibility and penchant for clean lines and classic craftsmanship.

In September 2009, the designer debuted a new contemporary-priced women’s collection called Richard Chai – LOVE for Spring 2010. Considered the female counterpart to his menswear label LOVE parallels his men’s line both in its accessible price and in its aesthetic of uniform-inspired classics refined with a modern, downtown sensibility, and a touch of whimsy."

Click here for more information about Chai.

Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2011

I proudly present the first runway show of the NY fashion week.

Stylist: Andreas Kokkino
Makeup: MAC, Lyne Desnoyers
Hair: Cutler, Rodney Cutler
Nails: Dashing Diva, Pattie Yankee
Shoes: Vintage Shoe Company
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Lenses: Mackee Enterprises
Hats: Parkhurst (Customized by Nicholas K)
Music: Ben Brunnemer

September 8, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Finally, it's fashion week and I am so excited about the Spring 2011 Collections. Tomorrow the first designers present their trends for the next year. And so, I gonna update you with the daily  runway news, mainly European designers. Underneath there is tomorrow's schedule. For detailed information about certain shows please click here.

Thursday September 9, 2010

9:00 AM Studio
Nicholas K

10:00 AM Box*
Project Runway

10:30-11:30 AM
Toni Maticevski

11:00 AM Stage
Richard Chai

1:00 PM Studio

September 7, 2010

Upcoming NYFW

Maybe you know that I am the european fashion correspondent of TFAS and Jai. As she is at NY Fashion week, I am going to report about new upcoming european designers and trends from the show. The posts will be up soon on TFAS and, of course, at labellefleurie. Tomorrow, I gonna inform you a little bit about the backgrounds of the fashion week and give you a schedule of it.

Today, I'll experience my first personal highlight of the week: I get a new hairdo. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me, so that the day won't end as a bad hair day for me.

September 3, 2010

These shoes are made for walking!

Since fall is coming, it's time to get your shoe cabinet ready for splashy, rainy days. Of course, without dispensing with the glamour. For this reason, I found some chic and warm alternatives for this dreary season.

Clog Boots

As you know, Clogs were already hip in summer and the designers found a way to transport their fancy look into fall. With gaiters, lambskin and earth-colored they are really fashionable and a must-have this season. Even Julianne Moore is wearing them.

Here, Michelle Williams accompanies Mathilda. This picture was made last year but clog boots are this season hipper than ever.

Now, you rightly ask - where can I buy them? And I got some alternatives for you:

This lovely one is by Ugg - but already sold out. Hopefully, they restock.

They're mainly by

Rubber boots

 I totally agree with you when you're of the opinion that rubber boots are something you need to get used to. They always remind me of my childhood stepping in muddy puddles. But "nowadays" you don't need puddles anymore. With their new designs they're way to stylish to use them only on rainy fall afternoons. Here are some glamorous examples how to wear and team them with your clothes.

September 2, 2010

Shop the look

While I was thinking about what my next post could be about, I received an e-mail by one of my fav fashion magazines - and it suddenly dawned on me:
I think you guys all know the problem of being stone-broke to afford high-priced couture fashion.
At least I am sitting there almost every day paging through all these mags about vogue and I despair of the stiff prices as I am hard-pressed for money. So, I enforcedly try to shop the look and spare my wallet by getting some bargains which are similar in appearance. Since I don't want to deprive you of my methode I read up on some star looks and their cheaper versions. These are my faves.

Ashley Tisdale's look
HM 19.95€
HM necklace 3.95€
HM 19.95€

This outfit is perfect for a shopping trip - not too much, but still classy enough. When I came across this look, I noticed that I subconsciously bought some similar articles of clothing this week:

Trilby 8.95€
Blazer Pimkie 34.95€

Victoria Beckham's look
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