Window Displays

Today, I wanna introduce a new heading called window display. Every time I come across some fabulous window display designs, I gonna display them in this new rubric. But instead of only showing you the shots, I will explain the background of the image and the designs. So, be curious.

# 1 Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London
It's all about the brights...

Harvey Nichols flagship store opened in the 1880's on the corner of Knightsbridge and Sloane Street, London. Ever since the opening over hundred years ago, they really tried to grab their customer's interest by creating extraordinary window display designs like the following ones:

In Summer 2010, Harvey Nichols used various pipeline arrangements with some colourful treatments and an aluminium look. To me, they seem pretty real.

With several spotlights they played the designs to the gallery.

The 80's look and the confident 80's poses match the crazy style.

It kinda reminds me of smarties and carnival with these colourful designs. It's great.

In spite of all the colours, the background seems pretty rough and unfinished. Some roller strokes are visible on the wall.

 Great, isn't it?? Anyway, the photos are worth to be shown.


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