August 26, 2010

Zara goes online.

At last!! In the nick of time, Zara gets its own onlineshop early in September. I always thought I will never live to see that happening. It makes me perfectly happy. Well, at least almost. You should know that I am searching for these special blue chinos with brown suspenders for so long now. And the last two days, I was shopping in four different Zara shops in three different cities just to find these in my size.


 So, these are not by Zara (but by American Vintage) and so I guess you have a clue now which pants I meant. Hopefully, I'll get them in Zara's onlineshop as it is sooo difficult to find them in the stores in my size. Keep your finger's crossed for me.

P.s.: In the meantime, I got them :D
Today, I found my suspender pants in Mayence, of course Zara.

August 24, 2010

Levi's Curve ID - The perfect jeans

If you took a glance at my wardrobe, you would discover many of them – in any shade of color, high-wasted, skinny, with a boyfriend- or boot-cut. I think you know what I am talking about: jeans. There are so many different styles, shades and sizes. But just once in a blue moon you find the “one” which fits perfectly.  What makes them so difficult to find are mainly personal body shapes.

And as the female ones can be as different as day and night, Levi’s discovered a system to fulfill every woman’s personal jeans-dream. A survey with 60.000 women and a 3D body scanner made it possible to analyze all these different female body shapes and to subdivide them into three main groups called “Curve ID”.

For this campaign, Peter Lindbergh, a well-known German photographer, shot several stars wearing their personal Levi’s in their Curve ID. For instance, Pixie Geldof who represents the mean shape, named “Demi Curve”, as she has a feminine body shape. The Swedish musician Lykke Li wears a “Slight Curve” and the German DJane Miss Nine, alias Kristin Schrot, presents her “Bold Curve”. But they didn’t only promote them. They are really positive about them and would even wear them in everyday life since the jeans fit like a second skin.

If you want to know, how this system works - then have a look at this video.

This is what wrote:

“Wear what fits. Get rid of the rest. It's the Wear What Fits Event presented by the Levi's® brand.
Ladies, we know there are moments in our lives when we realize things don't fit anymore. That it's time to pass that antique lamp, sweatshirt, throw rug, handbag or jeans  into someone else's life. Call it a new beginning. A more you, you.
Starting at 10am on Friday, August 27th stop by Bryant Park, NY and bring something in that doesn't fit (which will go to Goodwill®) and at the same time, get something that does. A free pair of Levi's® Curve ID jeans. New custom fits for women.  Because hotness really does come in all shapes and sizes”

August 10, 2010

Fall/Winter Collections 2010

Soon, fall is about to replace summer. And in a little while, many fashionistas are curious about which trends the new fall/winter collections reveal. For all those who cannot wait any longer I started out to research a little bit about this season’s fashion trends in Europe. And this is what I discovered.

According to the motto “opposites attract”, this fall is a multifaceted mix of draperies, patterns and styles. Traditional costumes get suitable for everyday use, Minimalism gets reduced to the maximum and sweet school girl outfits coexist vintage suits à la Wall Street. The 80’s masculinity meets the charming fifties. And rock star outfits are comingled with baronial glam to a baroque mix.

1st trend: Minimalistic chic


With its seeds in art and architecture, this trend traces back to the German Bauhaus era of 1919. The principle “Reduce to the max” adverts to reclaim clean lines and simplicity over an excess of ornaments. Later, it made its way as a mindset in fashion in the 30s with Marlene Dietrich as an outrider. Today, minimalism is an inherent part of the fashion scene.


This mindset alludes to the basics. Imaginative shapes displace colourful prints. Instead of that, brands like Chloé or Michael Kors tend to fawn or shades of brown which can be variegated. 

Michael Kors runway look leads us to the next fall/winter trend.

2nd trend: wool and shag / Norwegian style


Believe me or not, but this trend emerged due to the English royal dynasty. In 1922, the Prince of Wales wore a pullover with a Norwegian style on a golf tournament and made it socially accepted. In ancient times, the colourful patterns had a certain symbolic meaning: Mainly, they were worn by fishermen or peasants and were a distinctive mark of families or counties.


This season, wool cardigans and pullovers are extremely casual but debonair. Whether trumpet sleeves or Norwegian pullovers, this year’s fall is inspired by Nordic patterns.
Really in: woollen costumes with elegant pencils skirts (combined with lace at the runway shows of Dolce and Gabbana). Another winterly eye-catcher: Flashy colourful stripes.

Dolce and Gabbana

 Woolen look by Donna Karan

3rd trend: Revival of the 50’s and 80’s

Although these eras are long ago, nearly every decade celebrates its comeback, sooner or later. This fall it’s the 50’s and 80’s.

Derivation of the 80’s Wall Street look:

A new type of woman created a furore in those times: the successful businesswoman. In 1988, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver taught the business world the true meaning of fear in their movie “Working Girl”. And to show the women’s toughness, many men’s clothing classics got adopted to the female wardrobe. 


The look is very businesslike. Coats, chemises and cravats are a pretty good investment. Typical 80’s: classical shapes and shoulder pads. To mix it up, mini-skirts can help to interpret the look in a female way. Noble hats cap the look.


Derek Lam
50’s look:

The characteristic silhouette is defined with small tops and wide flared skirts. A plunging neckline caters for modern sexiness. Very hip: slinky bustiers or a basic t-shirt combined with a skirt. Moreover, former floral prints get replaced by modern art-appeal.

Louis Vuitton


4th trend: Baroque ‘n ‘ roll


Already in the 60s, musicians like Jimi Hendrix knew how to play to the gallery and they mixed glam outfits with quillings, velvet and brocade. The style carried forward to the 80’s and to nowadays. You definitively must have a look at the video clip “Prince Charming” by “Adam and the Ants”.


Precious brocade and sparkling gold threats come to the fore. The stylistic dimension varies from baroque-inspired glory to the sixties look and the shimmering 70’s disco style. Who doesn’t like to be that sparkish: A minimalistic combination of black and gold sets priorities without gaudiness. 

Dolce and Gabbana

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