September 21, 2010

We ♥ Cargo Pants.

Today's post is about skinny cargo pants - in olive-green. They are a great alternative to jeans. I'll wager that these will be your next favourite pants as they are comfortable, sexy, practical and indestructible.
Even in combination with classy clothes. This is why I had to buy myself one in navy-green. A while ago, it was seasonal sale, I found my personal cargo pants by Zara. Fortunately, the price was reduced (only 4.99€). Lucky me!

Eva Longoria Parker in "J-Brand"
Houlihan Cargo Pants

Leighton Meester in "Rich & Skinny"

The British Model Poppy Delevigne at the fashion party in London


  1. oh, das meinte ich ja :D , bin nur zufällig über google darauf gestoßen & dachte der blog würde so heißen, pardon :>

  2. I <3 'em too. I recently found some with suspenders - they wear great.

  3. Love the cargos,they are so practical and goes with almos anything.Find one pair in the bottom of my closet,i have them for two years,they were so inexpensive and the most important they still fit (bought them before i had a baby) :)Great blog sweetie

  4. Cargo pants are best if you don't want to wear jeans, they look good and are very comfortable plus you don't have to carry your purse all the time.


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