January 12, 2011

Spirit Hoods # The random novelty accessory

© SpiritHoods.com
"Whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors, or are simply wild at heart – SpiritHoods are a NECESSITY for your life style." [SpiritHoods]
© SpiritHoods.com

Do you remember the post on Monday about hats as a must-have this season? Well, while surfing
on the internet I found an extraordinary website called Spirit Hoods. And their designs are awesome. The manufacture created a "unique line of animal inspired faux fur accesories for men, women, and children."

© SpiritHoods
With its designs, Spirit Hoods protects animals and our planet by donating a portion of the online proceeds to severeal non-profit organisations dedicated to wildlife conservation. [Product Blue]

© SpiritHoods

The hoods cost $60-$130. But they are handmade with the best quality faux fur.

   © SpiritHoods

Whichever animal hood you decide to purchase, a part of your money will be donated  to a NGO helping that specific animal - whether it be Wolfhollowipswich, PandasInternational or snowleopardconservancy.

© Icedborscht.com

Which animal hood do you like best?? Please comment.



  1. like the first picture <3 :))

    xoxo Peach and Kay


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