February 27, 2011

Spring Trends 2011

Trend #1: Back to the colorful 60's:
Get inspired by the playful glamour of the Sixites. The look with its babydolls is very chic but sexy at the same time. Short jackets and fine trousers create elegance, tunics and mini-skirts revive a maiden charme. The silhouette is lineal and short, the cloth is monochrome and close-fitting. Accessories have to be combined carefully à la Mad Men-icon Joan Holloway - a small bag and sunglasses are perfect.

Trend #2: Modern Safari
Tackle the urban jungle in this season's luxe safari look.
In terms of styling, it's all about the right attitude this spring. You only need a few articles of clothing, which remind you of functional clothing and safari-fashion. Tight or loose-fit trousers, solid or sheer fabric... gather what you like. Smart and elegant or debonair, it's your decision. Details like many, many trouser pockets and epaulets stand for its smart look, lace and silk create a feminine contrast. Your outfit can be rounded off with appropriate accessories like aviator glasses and bootees. Have a good trip!

Some outfit ideas:

Trend #3: City nomads - Romantic & cool hippie looks
The globetrotter-trend stays, but this season there are some new influences like the country-style and folklore. You remember Greenwich Village in the 70's combined with rural romance and hippie-glamour.

Be inspired by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller - and India 'cause this is the country of casual silhouettes, dramatically wavy cloth and drapery. It's the symbol of patterns, ornaments and accessories. In addition, smooth leather and buckskin, brazen and cupreous jewelry, big rings and flowing scarfs. The result: a cool, romantic look with a touch of rock'n'roll.

Images by welikefashion.com, H&M, polyvore.

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  1. Wow...i love those clothes, i am thankful for sharing it with us.


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