February 26, 2011

Up our street

#What could be more straightforward as inspiration than ordinary people just looking incredibly fabulous? We took a look at some not-so-obvious (but great) street fashion blogs.

Look at me

Russian fashion used to have a slightly bad reputation, but judging by the street looks from places such as Moscow and Sevastopol, the style mavens of Russia are killing it with their fabulous outfits.

Japanese streets

Tokyo is sort of the home of crazy street fashion – who can forget Fruits magazine, for example? For some serious fashion inspiration, take a look at this street style blog showing just how creative people are with their clothes. For sheer audacity and verve, this is inspirational as much for its attitude as its style.

Style sightings

Want to see how people wear capes on the streets of Milan, London or Paris? Style sightings gives each post a theme, from “Heritage” to “The unisex clutch”, an approach which works particularly well when everyone on this blog looks so incredibly good.

Street peeper

For a bird’s eye view on fashion, look no further than this fashion-heavy blog. It covers the whole world, from Stockholm to Jakarta. Photographer Phil Oh often shoots fashion insiders, which gives this blog a slightly more luxurious slant, but the exuberance and joy of dressing up is equally present in the ordinary people captured.

Wear about

Mumbai-based Manou mixes the highs and lows of Indian street life in this original and fascinating street fashion blog. With India being a strong inspiration in fashion this season, why not go to the original for cues on how to update its traditional garb. (via H&M)


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