May 31, 2011

So bright, it's illegal!

It's an unwritten law that red lipstick never seems to go out of style. And red is still hot for spring, according to the fashion magazines. But the following lipsticks are really something off the beaten track. As the saying goes, you need to attract if you want to affect!!

              "Coquette"                                                                                                   "New Yolk"                                                                                              "Mint to be"

"Pop Romance - your lips uncensored" is Lime Crime's motto for this spring's lipstick collection. But the set does not only look fancy, they provide the collection with high-quality implementation as well. Starting with three bold lipsticks in March, the extended their range of products in the meantime.
How to wear Pop Romance lipsticks (some Lime Crime tips):
*) Apply straight from the tube for the most intense, vibrant results.
*) Dab on with a fingertip or lip brush for just a touch of color (finish with gloss).
*) Layer No She Didn't (blue) over other lipsticks to cool them down & watch them transform
    into entirely new shades!

To be honest: I really love all the colours, but I am not gutsy enough to wear them on street. Are you? Therefore I would prefer Lime Crime's Coquette, which is not as extravagant as New Yolk or Mint to be but still an eye-catcher. So, did I arouse your curiosity? Then click [here].

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